1st-3rd November 2024

Booking will open Thursday 27th June 2024 at 7pm (UK time)

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Tickets and Booking

We're offfering 3 kinds of festival tickets. You only need one kind! You can book up to 2 adult places and 2 child places per customer.

  • Weekend ticket - Entry to the whole festival, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.
  • Kids Weekend ticket - Entry is free for children under 16, please reserve a space using the free 'kids ticket' option. Please also buy meals and camping for kids as needed.
  • Day / Evening tickets - If you're not joining us for the whole weekend, choose the times you want to come.

Accommodation and meals are optional items. This allows you to choose which parts of Skint you want to enjoy, and lets us know how many people to cater for.

  • Accommodation - Choose from indoor camping (sleeping in the hall) or outdoor camping (bring a tent or campervan). Breakfast is provided for all indoor and outdoor campers
  • Food - You need a ticket for each meal - Friday dinner, Saturday lunch, Saturday dinner, and Sunday lunch.

Meals Update 2024

Our fantastic catering team would love to feed everyone at the festival, so this year they've taken on the challenge of cooking more meals than ever. We'll be making 125 tickets available per meal instead of 100.

Please help us out in our mission to be inclusive by thinking about how many meal tickets you really need. If you'd be happy to go to a pub or cafe in the village for one of the meals, or you have kitchen facilities in your off-site accommodation, then please consider buying fewer meal tickets to leave spaces available for others.

Self-catering on site - If you haven't bought meal tickets, you are still welcome to bring your own food to the festival. There will be space for you to sit at mealtimes, but please note there will be no food storage or cooking facilities available.

Tickets are non-transferrable, including meal and camping tickets. Names must be provided for each place, as tickets are only valid for the named person. You cannot sell or give them to someone else. This is to make the booking process fair for everyone. We reserve the right to cancel tickets obtained in contravention of the rules

Discounts and Donations

We want Skint to be accessible to everyone. If you're struggling with the cost of attending, please use the discount code REALLYSKINT for an automatic £11 off the ticket price. We also have a small fund to support people to come who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford it, even with the discount. If that's you, please get in touch

On the other hand, if you can afford a bit more we're offering the option to 'sponsor a Skinter' by adding a donation when you book.

Cancellations and Refunds

If your circumstances change & you are unable to attend Skint, please let us know by email as soon as possible

Cancellations up to 30th September - 75% refund.

Cancellations from 1st October - no refund will be given.

Second Ticket Release

Any available tickets from returns and cancellations will be released on the website at 7pm UK time on Thursday 3rd October 2024.

This includes festival tickets and meal tickets. There is no waiting list for tickets - instead, please check back on the website at 7pm on Thursday 3rd October.

After the second ticket release date, if any tickets become available due to cancellations they will immediately become available on the booking site, so please check back there

Please buy your tickets before you come. All tickets are being sold online. If day or evening tickets are sold out online, there won't be any extra to buy on the door.

Booking Protection Warning

"Make your tickets refundable"

You will be offered booking protection as part of the booking process. The heading is slightly misleading as your tickets are already refundable up to 30th September.

Additional ticket protection is offered automatically by XCover and TicketSource (not by Skint). We recommend that you choose the 'non-refundable ticket' option. If you do choose ticket protection, please read the T&Cs carefully to check what circumstances are covered. Any claims should be made directly to XCover (not to Skint).


A full weekend ticket with all meals and camping costs £53 (or £30 for children). We let you pick and choose which parts you want, so your total price per person may come to less than this.

Festival admission
Weekend admission (adult) £23
Kids weekend admission (under 16) £0
Friday evening bal, from 8pm £6
Saturday workshops, 10am-7pm £6
Saturday evening bal, from 8pm £6
Sunday workshops and bal, 10am-5pm £6
Optional Extras: Meals
Friday evening, 6pm £5.50
Saturday lunch, 1pm £4.50
Saturday evening, 6pm £5.50
Sunday lunch, 1pm £4.50
Optional Extras: Accommodation
Indoor camping
Friday & Saturday nights. Camping in the hall. Bring camping mat, sleeping bag & ear plugs!
Outdoor camping
Friday & Saturday nights. Camping in a nearby field. Bring a tent & thermals!
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