A warm, budget-friendly Scandi and International folk weekend in the Peaks, where everyone pitches in to help

1st-3rd November 2024

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Skint is above all a dance festival. We revel in all forms of dancing from around the world but have a special love for Scandinavian and French. Whether it's a twirly polska, a slinky mazurka, or a flowing contra, we have them all. We teach the dances during the day and then dance until we drop in the evening.


What would dancing be without music? At Skint we aim to have 100% live music all the time and all our live musicians are volunteers - We're here for the love of the music and the dance. Our evening bals have a variety of groups and scratch bands with everyone joining in. There are music workshops and informal sessions throughout the day.


The meals of Skint are one of the highlights of the festival. It's a time when almost the entire festival is in one room, sharing one meal, and enjoying the company. The food itself is consistently amazing, having been prepared by festival-goers themselves. Just make sure you grab the midnight snack before it goes!

Games and silliness

Skint is not above some little silliness. We enjoy breaking the ice with some form of game on the first night. And the games, and silliness, tend to creep across the entire festival. Whether it's trolls chasing wizards, passing round the boot, or simply singing silly songs, we make sure that everyone has a good time.
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